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Five Steps To Starting A Career In Corporate Espionage

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James Bond’s days are numbered. The iconic spy’s agency MI-6, the CIANSA, and other intelligence agencies are continuously moving away from human intelligence and into the world of satellites and unmanned drones. Unfortunately, there just aren’t many jobs available for gadget-toting sneaks.

As part of Handshake’s continuing effort to help its readers achieve their dreams, we’ve provided five easy-to-follow steps that will help you start that career in corporate espionage.

Espionage Essential #1: Clone The Hard Drive

Mainstream operating systems (such as Vista and OSX) commonly provide hard drive encryptions and remote wiping, but these features don’t mean a thing if you can steal the entire hard drive before anyone notices. Think a more modern version of Tom Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible when he breaks into the CIA and copies the information onto the disk.

Modified versions of programs like Blindwrite can lift the info as a solid block of bits without having to break up the data, avoiding any need to decrypt it immediately. Instead, it lets you take the information and retrieve it on your schedule.

Espionage Essential #2: Crack The Passcode

Acquiring the information doesn’t matter if you can’t crack the information. Good news—there is an online community where global computer geeks convene. They make a decent living cracking encryption algorithms on everything from DVD copyright blocks to internal corporate password databases. We could tell you where to go, but we wouldn’t want to make it too easy.

So query the right message boards/IRC channels/Usenet threads with Google Translate as your guide, and you’ll be cracking in no time.

Espionage Essential #3: Tap The Phone Line

A butt set, despite its name, has nothing to do with human anatomy.  It’s a simple tool that hooks into phone lines from outside the building and lets you listen in on your targets’ conversations. You can buy a set for $100-$200 or make your own with a cheap phone and a few parts from RadioShack. Don’t be too discouraged if the company you’re targeting has secured phone lines; just find some upper-level executive’s house and tap in there. You might have to spend a long time listening to your mark’s teenage daughter’s love life, but eventually you’re bound to hear a business secret or two.

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