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A few days ago I visited the Onondaga Lake Skate Park in Liverpool, N.Y., to research a skateboard story for the local newspaper. Most of the skaters there were around 12-years-old. Some had braces, all of them had scars.

I spent a couple hours chatting with some local skateboarders and shooting some video with my new iPhone 4.

The entire experience was sublime. The iPhone 4’s HD video capture is scarily easy to use. All I had to do was select the “Camera” icon, switch to video mode and turn the unit sideways.

My friend Brandon landed some sick tricks as I followed him around. Transworld’s “Chomp on this'” was my source of inspiration. Like a cowboy after a successful duel, I twirled the iPhone around between my fingers and stuffed it into my pocket.

I had shot 25 movie clips. In the end, after using the phone non-stop for more than 12 hours, I still had 60 percent of my battery left.

I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the clips. Check out the finished product above.

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