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Amazing fan-made imagining of The Walking Dead title sequence

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Daniel M. Kanemoto, of Ex Mortis Films had too much time on his heads the other day, so he decided to make a little animation.

My favorite “exclusive” from this year’s Comic-Con was a beautiful painting by legendary artist Drew Struzan, featuring a horde of zombies from THE WALKING DEAD. Frank Darabont is adapting the apocalyptic Image Comics book created by Robert Kirkman, and man, it looks really, really great.

As I was admiring Struzan’s work of art, I wondered what the opening titles to this terrifying new television show might look like… so I animated a spec title sequence using artwork ripped from the pages of the comic, originally illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore.

Season one of The Walking Dead premiers on October 31st. Will its title sequence even come close to Mr. Kanemoto’s?

Also, Mr. Kanemoto, the next time you have a moment or two of free time, can you please call us? Please?

Video below. Watch the HD version, of course, if you can.

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One Response to “Amazing fan-made imagining of The Walking Dead title sequence”

  1. avatar G. Romero says:

    Please sign this petition to encourage AMC to use this title sequence on THE WALKING DEAD!