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Animated Short: Ode to Nature

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History is replete with hermits who go to the top of tall things (mountains, big poles, step-ladders) and then meditate, fast, and sit around for a long time to figure out the meaning of life and the universe or maybe to just be alone for a long time because other people are really freaking annoying.

Anyway, Handshake writer Matthew Millham, also known as superman, has created his own interpretation of the age-hold hermit on the mountain story. So watch the above video and think — deeply –and then forget about it because it will be too much deep for your brain to handle.

Matt is moving back to Afghanistan soon (seriously) where he will no doubt continue kicking everyone’s ass at everything. He’s also promised to keep churning out the animations for Handshake and, as such, single-handedly ensuring that our website doesn’t completely suck.

Stylites -- hermits on poles

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