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Apple filters negative iPhone 4 comments out of its forum’s conversations

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Even non-Apple fans anticipate great new gadgets from the company, and the iPhone 4 is no exception. But for the people who already have the new iPhone, commenting about its antenna problem on Apple forums seems to be a big no-no. From ZDnet:

TUAW discovered that numerous threads referencing Consumer Reports’ recent article ‘not recommending’ the iPhone 4 were being summarily deleted from Apple’s support forums, and it isn’t the first time. In my piece about the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor bug I noted that Apple was also deleting posts about it as well.

This is just the latest step in Apple’s recent bizarre PR campaigns. Our friends at Gizmodo and Mashable documented the signal loss resulting from gripping the new iPhone the wrong way.

When news of the signal loss broke, Apple’s response was a nicely worded directive saying Don’t hold your phone that way or buy a case. Now, for anyone who isn’t Yoda and may have a problem with holding the phone the right way, you can’t even talk about it in a supposedly public forum.

Apple’s censor-happy presence has reached the heights of bowdlerizing a Ulysses graphic novel for tame nudity and the depths of unilaterally deleting dissatisfied consumers’ reviews. All that’s left in Apple’s PR crusade is to direct-SPAM snarky blog posts.

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