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Bacon-Scented iPhone Soap

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Did you ever wish you there was an app that made your iPhone smell like bacon. No? Same here.

But, if bacon-seeped electronics are your thing, don’t despair. One enterprising young soap maker has created a bacon-scented, iPhone-shaped soap, available for purchase on Etsy.  Yum.

It’s hard to tell what the deal is with this product. This could be an attempt by Etsy to lash out at iPhone users who like to rub themselves with the device. Or maybe the seller really likes the smell of bacon. Or maybe bacon is the only thing that can overpower more common geeky scents such as Doritos and Red Shirt Star Trek cologne.

Geeks looking for a more retro scent can check out Eggplant’s dulche de leche-scented first-generation Gameboy soap.

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One Response to “Bacon-Scented iPhone Soap”

  1. Sweet! I now know what everyone is getting for Christmas.