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Calvin and Hobbes mash-up contest on Super Punch

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Image via Holden Leung

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Super Punch is asking its readers to “draw Calvin and Hobbes or anyone else in the style of Calvin and Hobbes” for its September contest.

I tried to draw something, but don’t have a paint program on this computer. All I came up with was this crappy ASCII art image:


What the hell is that? I don’t know. How do you even do ASCII art? I haven’t got a clue.

So my picture sucks. But lucky for us, Super Punch has some readers with some high-powered illustrative talents.

Jason Chalker, Timothy Lim, and Kyle Starks have each done some wicked-fine renderings of Bill Watterson’s legendary strip.

My favorite is, by far, this piece from Mr. Lim (based on this classic Calvin and Hobbes sunday strip)

Check out all the entries at Super Punch.

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