Carnegie Mellon’s robot snakes

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Some day, when you’re lying trapped under a giant slab of concrete floor after the Big One flattens half of California, you’ll hear the rustling, gravel-churning sounds of a snake in motion.

And when the creature pokes it’s head out from the rubble it will look back at you from a soulless camera at the end of a long, mechanical, serpentine body.

This is the Carnegie Mellon robot snake. And it may be the creepiest thing that will ever save your life.

A snake-like body boasts obvious advantages over other robots. A snake robot can move into extremely narrow areas and still remain entirely mobile. In a miniaturized form, it could worm its way through the human body, looking for tumors or other signs of hard-to-detect diseases. And, as above, the robots could slither through the narrow openings between piles of rubble after catastrophic acts of nature (or war). They will be reach areas only the snout of a dog could go before.

For more info on the robot, check out the Carnegie Mellon page here.

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