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Cloud Procrastination

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Cloud computing isn’t a new concept, but it is newish technology. It’s essentially the idea of using online resources and software from a number of locations.

Think of it like an advanced version of three way calling—many users, mutual devices, shared information. With that in mind, and if cloud computing is really the way of the future, here are three things you could be doing while cloud computing. Well if you’re bored with work/school, then here are a couple ways to make this phenomena work to your advantage.

1) Planning a mega-Eclipse release party. Instead of actually hanging out with your friends, you can have a virtual party. Get on the network and scream in high-pitched voices (translating to excessive use of exclamation marks and hearts in tech speak) about your mutual loves for Edward and Jacob, watch the other movies simultaneously online, and debate the details and compare the books to the movies.

2) Catching up on Handshake magazine . Since cloud computing theoretically means you’re not tied to the office, you can work from a Starbucks. Which provides the added advantage of not having your boss come up behind you when you’re checking out the latest blog about Childhood Artifacts: School Survival Supplies or Four Things that Should have Ended Sooner.

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