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Community does Advanced Dungeons and Dragons right

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This past week’s Community featured the whole gang playing an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Abed is the game master and Pierce is the unthinking villain for the campaign they’re playing, “Caverns of Draconis,” which isn’t real but contains many world elements that are very DnD.

After a bit of awkwardness everyone gets lost in the ADnD game, which judging by the cover art is based on first edition guides. They play the game to cheer up a really tortured and depressed geek nicknamed “Fat Neil,” reinforcing a cathartic philosophy shared by a lot of gamers and expressed in a recent IT Crowd episode: Once you get lost in their world, role-playing games can give you some distance to deal with deeply personal issues.

After this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised to a see a mini DnD revival in people’s basements or pop culture, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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