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Cory Doctorow Is Seeing Patients

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Boing Boing co-editor and public usage knight Cory Doctorow completes the New York City leg of his recent book tour at McNally Jackson Friday night, and Handshake magazine will be on the scene.

Doctorow is putting the laptop down for a while and is pressing the flesh with fans on a 17-day book tour for his new young adult science fiction novel, “For the Win.” The international adventure follows “a cast of characters caught up in a online gaming and the volatility of the global economy,” according to Macmillan, the book publisher.

This is Doctorow’s second stab at young adult writing. His last work, “Little Brother,” appeared on The New York Times bestseller list, and earned nominations for the Hugo, Nebula, Sunburst, and Locus Awards.

Here are the five things Handshake loves about the good Doctorow:

1)    His novels can be downloaded for free under Creative Commons Licensing.
2)    In return, he asks you to donate a copy of the book to a teacher or librarian.
3)    He takes photographs with his headphones popping out of his plaid shirt.
4)    Sony, Apple, and teenagers do not scare him.
5)    He’s Canadian. We heart our neighbors to the north.

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One Response to “Cory Doctorow Is Seeing Patients”

  1. avatar Chloe says:

    I can’t wait to read the article on Doctorow in the September issue of Handshake!