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Damsels and Dukes of Dagorhir

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Image via Megan Swann

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  1. Drunken BobAlthough they call him "Drunken Bob," he doesn't drink. Check him out at www.drunkenbobsweaponry.com
  2. Necavid OmnesMeagan Finney aka Necavid Omnes is 18 from Oklahoma City, OK.
  3. Belly DancerSchiney the belly dancer
  4. Pheadrus Sunfire AHairotterEric Towell, 27, from Lambertville, MI.
  5. Arzus BonecuttaMarion Czechowski aka Arzus Bonecutta, 19, from Forrestville, NY
  6. Grikk BloodbeardJared Smith, 24, from Columbus, OH.
  7. Bolligoboom Kegstander and Uadin IronwillBill Herman, 29 ( left ) and Tom Herman, 26 (right) from Independence, Missouri and Canton, OH.
  8. StrawBill Brown, 58, from Tacoma Park, MD. He is t-shirt designer for Ragnarok.
  9. MoguaJohn Koenig, 19, from Pittsburgh, PA.
  10. Serenity ShadowKayla Blair, 22, from Hagerstown, MD.
  11. Damian NightmareTed Favinger, 26, from Barberton, OH
  12. Kat EspairKatherine M. Willson, 31, from St. Louis, MO.
  13. BrockDan Hyatt, 22, from Toledo, OH.
  14. Nyx SciurusSarah Baer, 21, from Grove City, PA.

Take a look at the images captured by the Handshake staff during their trip to Ragnarok XXV, an annual battle game hosted by Dagorhir. This year, the theme was Damsels and Dukes. It was held at Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA June 13-20.

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10 Responses to “Damsels and Dukes of Dagorhir”

  1. avatar Rhe says:

    Anyone get Dan Hyatt’s number?

  2. avatar Chloe says:

    He looks like he’s straight out of LOTR, doesn’t he Rhema?

  3. avatar Rhe says:

    Yes. I <3 LOTR.

  4. avatar Feralkid633 says:

    If Megan Finney is on the market, I’m buying.

  5. avatar Feralkid633 says:

    Or Meagan Finney, that is – don’t mean to spell my future ex-wife’s name incorrectly before we even meet.

  6. avatar Warthog of Gestiguiste says:

    HI Guys! Is there a website where you have the extra pictures or video stored that you didn’t use on the story? Specificly the opening shot of a battle where an opponent charged me, and I made his feet fly over his head with my spear shot to his shield. Your photographer \ videographer once he saw it said,” Awesome! I got it!”
    Signed, Warthog of Gestiguiste

  7. avatar Enyo Da Soba Won says:

    yeah i KNOW you guys got a ton of footage.

    P.S. i on straws picture you guys spelled Takoma wrong 😛

  8. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    Mr. Warthog:
    I have contacted the photographers. We will let you know as soon as possible. Also, we will soon post a pdf for the magazine, which has a full-blown photo essay on you guys.

  9. avatar Enyo says:

    YESSS! awesome thanks!

  10. avatar Scheiny says:

    they spelled my name almost right! thanks so much, whoever ID’ed me, that’s much closer to it than most people get! :)

    has anyone gotten the rest of the photos and or footage yet?