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Do You Have Delusions Of Becoming The Next Great Criminal? Get Started With This Burglary Kit.

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Ever look over at your neighbor’s elegant home and think to yourself, “I really want to rob that place, but I don’t have the proper instruments”? At Handshake, we think that about O Robotics headquarters all the time.

Worry no more, we’ve found the perfect item for you.

Partners & Spade’s exclusive burglary kit, which we found via the great DailyDairy, comes complete with everything you need to begin a long and successful career in breaking and entering. Use the crowbar to crack open that stubborn door, the rope to rappel down from the roof, or the disposable camera to snap some pics of your conquest for your Facebook page. Okay, that’s a bad idea, and we’re still not sure why there’s a disposable camera at all.

Your standard black ski mask and matching black gloves also come in the complete set, which will set you back $200. A small price to pay to one day become as infamous as The Wet Bandits.

Note: Handshake does not condone getting caught for doing illegal activities.

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