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E3 Day One Coverage: Sony Moves Into Motion-Controlled, 3D Gaming

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After Nintendo impressed in the morning session, Sony took center stage at E3 2010. Sony spent most of their two-hour time slot building up the all-new Playstation Move, the company’s first foray into motion-controlled gaming.

Ars Technica

The biggest news to come out of Sony’s E3 keynote is that the PlayStation Move—the console’s upcoming motion control add-on unveiled at GDC—finally has a price and a release date. PS3 owners in North America can expect to test the Move waters on September 19.

The controller and its various components can be purchased in several ways, with a few different bundles being offered by Sony. The controller itself will cost $49.99, while the subcontroller will be $29.99. You can also purchase one controller packed with a PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of Sports Champions for $99.99. For those without a PS3, that same bundle can be purchased alongside a PS3 Slim for $399.99.

PC World

It’s clear that Sony’s not being particularly innovative with the Playstation Move motion controller – it’s essentially a more sophisticated Wii Remote that tracks motion with the Playstation Eye camera – but the company has a clear goal of building complete games and integrating support into games that also use a standard controller.

Most impressive was a game called Sorcery, which has players performing Harry Potter-style flicks of a magic wand to dispatch bad guys with an arsenal of tricks. We also saw Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, which will get a software update to enable the Move this fall, and Sony promised compatibility in other existing games, including Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5 Gold.

Aside from the Move release date and pricing information, Sony jumped on the 3D bandwagon, announcing the introduction of 3D gameplay compatible with the PS3, provided one already owns the uber-expensive 3DTV technology.


The major complaint is the fact that you have to use 3D glasses at all. It’s awkward for people glasses-wearers, and tiring to have something heavy on your face during your entire gaming session. Watching a 2-hour movie is already a monumental effort in endurance, but try going at some game for 6+ hours in 3D.

Plus, you also lose the ability for people to spectate, unless they also feel like donning those plastic glasses. Take them off, and looking at the screen is like crossing your eyes, in the fog, while drunk.


Topping the bill for Sony and its PlayStation group was its plans to enable 3D gaming right away. Kaz Hirai, the president of Sony’s Networked Products and Services group, touted the company’s “end-to-end” 3D offerings, from its Bravia 3D TVs to its new roster of 3D-enabled games for the PlayStation 3.

Immediately, Hirai said, games like Super Stardust, Pain and Wipeout will be available in 3D from the PlayStation Store, and more than 20 additional titles will be added to the roster by the end of 2010. And even more titles will be coming in 3D next year, including Killzone 3, which was given a big, loud demo at the press conference. As well, PS3 users–all of whom will be able to play in 3D–can look forward to titles like Mortal Kombat, Tron: Evolution, NBA 2K11, Motorzone Apocalypse and Gran Turismo 5.

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