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Facebook falls for Onion video

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When people look back at Orson Welles’ 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast, everyone thinks, “Oh those simpletons, they’d believe anything they heard on the radio.”

Then they laugh while they think about the man and the woman from American Gothic screaming down dirt roads in their Packard 12 with the kids in the back and all the farm animals strapped to the roof, running scared from the incoming aliens. Ha, suckers, we’d never get pwn’d like that.

Of course, it only takes one fake video to stir up the Facebook idiot nest. And now it’s abuzz with people claiming to have found journalistic proof that Obama is about to declare martial law. And their source: only “America’s Finest News Source,” The Onion.

How is it that if two brains are better than one, 100 million brains are roughly the equivalent of a pretty smart chimpanzee? Some kind soul named SodaPop Murphy has made a nice montage of Facebook screenshots of users commenting on the video, check it out.

Now, I’m not saying everyone on Facebook is an idiot, but think about the collective knowledge of all its users, and compare that to what actually goes on there. If we all just decided to focus on slightly more intelligent things, we’d be able to get to the bottom of real problems, like if our violent videos games are adequately preparing us for doomsday:

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