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Fan Art for a good cause: LiveJournal community raises over $115,000 for UNICEF’s Haiti relief

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Fan works often get a bad rap. By fan works, I don’t mean the 70 sketches of Maijin Vegeta you did in seventh grade or that best Legolas AU ever.

Lots of talented undiscovered artists and writers create images and fictions online based on a book, a comic series, a television show, a movie franchise, etc. they love (like the impressive LOST fan artwork above).

The Help_Haiti LiveJournal community tapped into this fandom phenomenon in the most philanthropic way possible. Through this community, artists auction off fan works in several formats, including writing, artwork, and user icons. All of the proceeds go directly to UNICEF.

Help_Haiti also hosted what they call “lightning rounds,” where artists offer to draw or write a work for a set price and bidders pay for each author to deliver fan work within the same day.

According to their site, Help_Haiti has raised over $76,000 on fan works alone, bringing their running total to $115,000. So take that G.R.R.M.!

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