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Field Test: Netflix iPhone App

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It was 9:15 a.m. I was sitting in a Starbucks in Chappaqua, New York drinking a tall hot chocolate. My brother was at work and I was waiting for him to pick me up around noon. While men in seersucker shorts and women in spandex pants ordered their favorites beverages, I passed the time on my IBM laptop.

I visited the New York Times, transcribed some interviews and watched Whale Wars. Like my hot chocolate, my computer was uncomfortably hot. After awhile, I sat the machine down in front of me and grabbed my iPhone. As I perused some unread e-mails, I came across one that my brother had sent me. It was about the new Netflix application for the iPhone.

Using Starbucks’ free wi-fi, I downloaded the free app in no time at all. In less than a minute, I fired it up, logged in and started watching an episode of The Office. The picture quality was perfect and I didn’t need to buffer at all.

Since I don’t have the unlimited data plan, I can’t comment on the 3G viewing experience.

Never the less, the Netflix app is a terrific download for any subscriber. Get it while it’s free.

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One Response to “Field Test: Netflix iPhone App”

  1. avatar kelly says:

    I’ve only tried it on the 3G without wifi and I it took too long to buffer a movie. I was trying to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as a test and it never buffered in time. Maybe it’s better suited to things like TV?