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Five Awesome Game Trailers Debuted At E3 2010

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The most exciting reveals of E3 2010 have come and gone with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony each having their share of the stage for two-hour press conferences. Motion-controlled gaming accessories and 3D technology dominated most of the storylines over the opening day of the expo, but in the end, we know it’s still all about the games.

Here are our five favorite new game trailers seen at E3:

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

The last time we left Snake we were polishing off MGS4 in a visually stunning and drawn out (some would say boring) way. This time, it seems Konami has given the series a whole new edge, even if the emphasis is clearly still on theatrics. Watch the trailer and you’ll catch the pun there.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

The controls in the first iteration may have taken a while to adhere to, but once that battle was won, the game was fantastic. While there’s no gameplay in this trailer, the game’s visuals are clearly impressive and it seems as though hardcore Star Wars fans won’t find themselves disappointed.

Tron: Evolution

While the new Tron: Legacy Movie is scheduled for a holiday debut (December 17, 2010), the newest game won’t follow the same title. The Evolution trailer doesn’t show us what the gameplay will look like, but one quick look and you’ll definitely want to at least give it a shot. Well, if you like Tron, that is. Otherwise, you’ll probably be confused.

Portal 2

Here’s hoping that the second version of the uniquely awesome game will be a tad bit longer than the first. From the trailer, the game looks like it will stay true to its quirky and mysterious style — a plus for those that were lucky enough to catch on to the original.

Final Fantasy XIV

There are lovers and there are haters of the Final Fantasy series, but there’s no denying it’s success in the RPG gaming world. Square Enix has tried to foray into the massive multiplayer online realm before with FFXI and met with limited success. Many hardcore fanboys of FF aren’t going to be thrilled with another online-only title, but it will be a refreshing change for the franchise.

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