Foursquare's Jonathan Crowley from Handshake Magazine on Vimeo.

Handshake‘s Exclusive Interview With Foursquare’s Jonathan Crowley (video)

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Handshake‘s Erica Sanderson recently sat down with foursquare‘s Jonathan Crowley to find out what he thinks goes into a good foursquare app.

Check out the video above and watch for a full Q&A with Crowley in the September issue of Handshake Magazine.

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3 Responses to “Handshake‘s Exclusive Interview With Foursquare’s Jonathan Crowley (video)”

  1. avatar Chloe says:

    This turned out really well! I want to play Foursquareopoly.

  2. avatar agent7X01 says:

    Yeah, they sent me all over the place for this Handshake puzzle, but it turns out all I had to do was send the formula for the Heisenberg Uncertainty to puzzlemaster@handshakemag.com. I couldn’t find a way to do the symbols, so I just sent it in .jpg form.

  3. […] Handshake magazine spoke with Jonathan Crowley (I’m guessing he’s a relation to founder Dennis Crowley), who mentioned the Monopoly app which they’re working on at the moment. As it hasn’t been formally announced yet, it’s not known whether Foursquare’s actually inked a deal with Hasbro for name-rights. It could just be a “Monopoly-style” game, where you and a bunch of friends compete to log into as many venues on a list as possible, with Crowley only mentioning the board-game name to better explain it. […]