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From Cult To Religion: Meet Soccer’s American Outlaws

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But media coverage is improving. Fox Soccer Channel, launched in 2005, shows live broadcasts of the American, English, and Italian leagues. And ESPN has picked up Major League Soccer, the World Cup, and the English Premier League.

“If you were to ask any soccer fan 15 years ago if you could turn on the TV on soccer Saturday and Sunday and watch Manchester United, I don’t think guys would have believed you,” Fraser says. “And I think it’s onwards and upwards from here.”

Which brings us back to that Manahattan bar, where the cameramen are filming a documentary produced by Ashwin Chaudhary, a film producer who has worked for ESPN and MLS. His film, One Goal: Road to South Africa, chronicles the U.S. national team through its two-year long march to the World Cup finals.

Chaudhary hopes the film will show that the World Cup is not just a once every four-year event — that it is, in fact, more like the March Madness for a regular season that lasts two years.

But, more importantly, he hopes to document the U.S. soccer fan.

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