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Futurama Holiday Spectacular reprises Al Gore, Kwanzaa-bot

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After a month of no new episodes, Futurama has returned with its last episode of the year. “Futurama Holiday Spectacular” worked in several elements the season has been missing so far: a three-story episode, musical sequences, Robot Santa and Kwanzaa-bot (voiced by Coolio).

Al Gore’s head (voiced by the full-bodied Al Gore of the present) links all three episodes with an ecological message in each one. The first part doesn’t let on that the episode is a three-parter until all of the mutant pine trees that took over Earth burn up. Afterward, a narrator’s voice says “Futurama Holiday Spectacular” is brought to us by “Gunderson’s Nuts,” a fake product placement which also appears at the end of each episode.

One of the best exchanges in the episode came in the second story, where the gang travels to the center of the earth to find the earth’s last petroleum oil to fulfill Bender’s Robonukah wish:

-Oh no! It’s a giant albino humping worm!
-Why is it called that?
(The ship starts rocking back and forth)
-Because it has no pigment!

The last episode also brings back the giant space bees from the episode “The Sting” when the crew has to track down bees wax for Hermes’s Kwanzaa celebration. At the very end, Al Gore’s head promises that “The Futurama crew will be back next year with all new episodes featuring Bender, Leela, and me, Al Gore, as Captain Lance Starman.”

And now the wait begins anew.

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