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@GaryJBusey becomes @NotGaryBusey after Twitter suspends the parody account due to a “valid impersonation report”

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@garyjbusey is back.

For almost six hours on Monday, the infamous Twitter account was suspended because of a “valid impersonation report.” The suspension caused a Twitter uproar and resulted in some speedy changes to the account, said Pauly Casillas, one of the contributors.

Twitter’s “TheCaptain” stated that if we don’t make the necessary changes within 48 hours that we could face permanent suspension. I hope the changes made were sufficient enough. I’ve sent emails asking if the changes made follow Twitter’s rules and guidelines with no response. The bio has been changed to “The patron saint of headbutts and parody accounts.” The username was changed to NotGaryBusey, and the avatar has Groucho glasses photoshopped in, which I thought was a clever touch.

Although the changes were quick and painless, Casillas did not think they were necessary.

I don’t like the fact that, after 2 years and 180K followers, we now have to change things to make it more of a parody account. I thought it was pretty clear what we were trying to do. Especially since Gary Busey has a twitter account that is already verified obviously making ours a parody.

Gary Busey, the actor, has not released a statement regarding the suspension. His childen, Alectra and Jake Busey, have highlighted some of dad’s disgust over the parody account. On July 12th Alectra Tweeted, “hahahah so my dad is sooo mad about the @GaryJBusey twitter. apparently it was on Enews the other week. hahahahhaha.”

For now, @garyjbusey is back in the business of making people laugh, cringe or throw up.

“I guess, in the end, it was good for us being that we picked up 2k in followers in one day and made #FreeGaryJBusey a trending topic nationwide,” Casillas said.  “It just goes to show how much influence the account has on Twitter.”

And be sure to read our interview with the mad minds behind the account here and here.

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