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LiveJournal community, Geek Crafts, creates replicas of geek lore

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Aside from auctioning off fan art for a good cause, the LiveJournal Communities hive comprises another comb of users who like to craft geeky apparel and decorations, such as Space Invader hats and fuzzy twelve-sided dice.

Members of Geek Crafts post images of knits, crochets, needle-points and jewelry, linking to project patterns inspired by or based on tv shows and video games.

The community is run by LJ members Oddrid (who is, full disclosure, my live-in partner in crimes IRL) and JacketPotato (Oddrid’s LJ friend who lives in Iowa City). JacketPotato, an IT tech and mother of two, has both discovered and crafted from patterns for a myriad of sci-fi shows and movies (including Scotty’s hat from the last Star Trek movie). She has also worked for years on the Fourth Doctor’s epically long scarf, since this Doctor Who relic is sort of a Holy Grail for many geeky sci-fi crafters.

The community has grown so much over the past year, in fact, that LiveJournal will spotlight Geek Crafts on the LJ main page tomorrow.

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One Response to “LiveJournal community, Geek Crafts, creates replicas of geek lore”

  1. avatar Rhe says:

    Nibbler and the Brain Slugs! That’s pretty cool.