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Gwar’d For Life: Album 1

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Images via Megan Swann

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  1. Fans grab one last smoke before heading inside the Westcott Theater to see Gwar perform.
  2. Nick Fasulo ices his nose outside of the Westcott Theater. He caught an elbow to the nose in the mosh pit and streams of blood ran down his face.
  3. Beefcake the Mighty's helmet protects him from his many enemies.
  4. The Gwar faithful wait to be doused in fake blood.
  5. Bassist Beefcake the Mighty (right) looks out over the crowd.
  6. Flattus Maximus' loin cloth gives him some relief from his extremely hot costume
  7. The blood gun soaks the sweaty crowd.
  8. Flattus Maximus steps on a distortion pedal as Beefcake the Mighty looks on.
  9. Gwar fans thrashed, cheered and drank their asses off in the sauna-like Westcott Theater.

Handshake photographer Megan Swann and web editor Justin Sondel braved the rowdy crowd to get these images of the alien metal band Gwar at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, N.Y.

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