Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer

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Steve Moore, aka The Mad Drummer, has been beating the drums since he was just a kid. He has recently gained notoriety on YouTube. Videos featuring Steve’s wild drumming have received millions of hits.

Steve has been traveling with the West Virginia band Rick K. and the Allnighters for the last decade, stick twirling, windmilling, and stick flipping the whole way through. Handshake was lucky to catch up with Steve in between shows. We learned what influences him, what he likes about performing, and where he got some of his moves.

When did you get your first drum set?

My first one was pretty much a toy drum set and I got it probably when I was, (whistles) maybe three or four years old. Like all kids you just beat it to death and go through it really quickly. My next set was an old premier set that my folks got me and it was second-hand, but it was good and it was black so it looked cool.

When did you first start including the showmanship element in your performances?

It started really, really early. I just wasn’t good at it. From the get go I was always into visual drummers, always, from day one. The Gene Krupas, the Buddy Riches, Keith Moon, obviously. That sort of drummer. But, I just couldn’t do anything with that. It was too difficult for me. And then when I saw Tommy Lee, that changed a lot for me. It gave me something to try.

I started twirling drumsticks and that’s all I really did at that time. Nothing animated in my movements. Year after year after year that grew until I saw a band called Wrathchild. The drummer for that band, his name is Shannon Larkin, he’s now the drummer for Godsmack. And, when I saw Shannon play I was probably 17 or 18 years old and my band opened up for his band.

And everything changed after that. Everything. He’s with a huge band like Godsmack and he’s still underrated. A lot of what I do now came from an attempt at mimicking what Shannon was doing.

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One Response to “Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer”

  1. avatar Mudhen says:

    steve is going to influence a lot of future drummers. It’s special to be here at this moment in time to see it all happen.