Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer

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What do you like most about the showmanship aspect of your performance?

The reaction. I like dynamic. That’s very important to me. I like largeness. Hot. Cold. Black. White. Left. Right. Contrast.

The part that I think is most enjoyable for me is when you basically do nothing in your movements, and then you just lose your mind and just go bonkers. The reaction you get from an audience when you do that, seeing it for the first time, it’s really funny, and that’s half the reason that I do it. I don’t do it to necessarily impress these people. Or I don’t do it to necessarily look cool. Because I don’t look cool. I look ridiculous. There’s nothing cool about what I’m doing at all. It just looks funny. But I enjoy that.

Where did you come up with your windmill move?

That’s totally Pete Townshend. It was just a large animated move, and it was just literally, “Well, that’s kind of cool. Maybe I can do that with my drums.”

Speaking of animated, a couple of the comments on the video compared you with Animal of The Muppets. What do you make of that comparison?

I’ve heard that for years and years and years but, I’ve got to be honest, I obviously knew who Animal is, but I never watched that when I was growing up. I probably didn’t see Animal until three or four years ago. Once you see it, I can understand why people say that.

How did you gain sponsorships?

Most of it comes from your people skills. It’s not necessarily how good of a drummer you are. Do you shake and bake? Do you go after things? Do you know people? And it’s a lot about timing.

We were playing a casino about three years ago and REO Speedwagon was playing the following night. Their bus got there early. They were coming through the lounge and just happened to look over and see a few minutes of the show and the drummer Bryan Hitt and his drum tech John Aldridge came up after the show, introduced themselves and really, really enjoyed what I was doing and basically Brian just simply said, “Whenever I get back to California I want you to send me a package and I’m going to ship it to Todd Trent.” About a month later I had a Ludwig endorsement.

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One Response to “Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer”

  1. avatar Mudhen says:

    steve is going to influence a lot of future drummers. It’s special to be here at this moment in time to see it all happen.