Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer

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We noticed that you guys play a lot of casinos. Do you like playing casino shows?

Casinos are OK.

My favorite actually are fairs and festivals though, simply because of the way the shows are scheduled more than anything else. Generally when you’re playing a casino, you’re playing three or four shows a night. Generally you’ve got to save a little bit in the tank. You can’t go out and just blast it all out in the first half-hour because then you’re not going to be able to move an hour and a half later, and we play for several hours at casinos.

When you’re playing fairs and festivals you are usually playing one 90-minute show. So you can go on stage and you can give it everything you have for 90 minutes and then you can walk off and just fall down… It’s just much easier to go out there and hammer it and give it everything you have and then just leave it all on stage and walk off.

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One Response to “Handshake Chats With Steve Moore, The Mad Drummer”

  1. avatar Mudhen says:

    steve is going to influence a lot of future drummers. It’s special to be here at this moment in time to see it all happen.