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Handshake‘s Left 4 Dead 3 Wishlist

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Epic L4D3 Trailer by a die-hard fan

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Gaming blogs, social networks, and general fan sites are going crazy waiting in anticipation for the release of a hypothetical game: Left 4 Dead 3.

After battling zombies in two diverse cities, a mall, a swamp, a church, the sewers, and numerous other locations in the first two games, XBox 360 zombie fanatics are ready for the third installment of this gory, bile-bursting, survival-of-the-fittest game world.

Handshake surveyed various L4D addicts and compiled a list of the most random, creative, and thrilling new features gamers hope to see in the third part of the rumored trilogy:

1. New specials

“Nazi zombies… who fly. Luftwaffe zombies? Now that shit’s scary.” Combine everything awesome from previous zombie games? Yes, please.

“Burrowing zombies… You see them once, then they burrow and pop up right under you if you stand still too long.”

“Animal zombies.” Something’s wrong with Fluffy…

2. New players

“You can play as guest celebrities, like Tallahassee from Zombieland – or even better, Bill Murray!” Better include frequent Twinkie stations.

3. New places

“NYC!” Impossible to survive a Big Apple zombie apocalypse, you say? We say BRING IT!

“Niagara Falls! We already have Canadian shopping zombies coming over, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. And I want to see a zombie fall down the falls.” Just picturing the Tank going over in a barrel…

4. New rules

-“Let’s share across platforms. I want to play on my MW2 and Bad Company Maps with Claymores. If I fight zombies, are they wearing body armor that forces a head shot?” For experts who want to amp up the difficulty even more.

“You can drive the cars around. There would also be military vehicles and really messy things like combine harvesters.” You know you’ve always wanted to pancake a Witch.

5. New weapons!!

-“Bazuka!” You can never be too ‘Kick-ass.’

-“Ultimate downloadable content, like always having the chainsaw from The Passing.” In a perfect blood-soaked world.

What do you want to see in Left 4 Dead 3?

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