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Handshake‘s Very Own Geek Test

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Here at Handshake, we spend much of our time convincing people they’re geeks, because c’mon, everybody geeks out about something. Now you get to test your geek factor and see the result for yourself! Think you’re a huge geek, a bit of one, or a just huge square with a side of geek?

Take the test and find out:

Your computer is never fast enough.

You get depressed when you get less than 50 E-mail messages a day.

You look at a movie trailer and think: "I have that typeface."

You paid $3000 for your computer and $500 for your car.

You went to a high school where the only team with a winning record was the Chess team.

You know the value of π beyond 3.14.

Everyone in your department brings their computers to you when something goes wrong.

You know the correct pronunciation of Tex, Linux, and TCL.

Someone mentions the Q Continuum and you not only know what that means, you’re in love.

You get SUPER-PUMPED when people from countries with limited Internet access regularly visit your pages.

You work in a building where you need a badge to move between floors.

You have more e-mail addresses than you do pairs of shoes.

We know you love the Web and that’s OK. But… have you taken a shower in the past week?

You’d rather communicate through texts messaging and social media rather than face-to-face.

You plan to get two Masters degrees.

Your relationship with someone you've only met online is something you are not ashamed to bring up in conversation with live humans.

You actually named your kid a name like Leia, Éowyn or Link.

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6 Responses to “Handshake‘s Very Own Geek Test

  1. avatar Rhe says:

    I’m 41.18% geeky. That’s about right.

  2. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    I was 30 percent or something like that.


    More importantly: I get excited when people visit our site using unique browsers, like Chrome or Opera. Does that make me a geek?

  3. avatar Michael Rice says:

    I got 52.9% hahahhahaha i rule

  4. avatar Chloe says:

    I just switched to Chrome, thanks to recommendations from several members of Handshake’s staff!

  5. avatar Matthew Millham says:

    You are 23.53% geeky. By you it means me. Me is less than a quarter geeky. Thank gosh there were no questions about cuisine made with irons and/or dishwashers, or I might have been in trouble.

  6. avatar kelly says:

    roughly 61%…i think i should have been out-geeked by handshake staffers. pick it up, guys.