“I think the fans will be absolutely thrilled with what they’re getting” — The new The Walking Dead video

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AMC keeps churning out promotional videos for The Walking Dead. But, hey, who’s complaining?

This latest promo tells how the show jumped from the pages of the graphic novel to television. Robert Kirkman,the genius behind the graphic novel, tells us how comic books are similar to television (oh, really?).

Meanwhile, we find out that producer Frank Darabont first picked up the graphic novel at random from the House of Secrets in Burbank. The next day, he was on the phone trying to buy the rights.

Now, this would normally be a boring video — if these guys were talking about anything other than THE WALKING DEAD.

(Video after after the jump — and apologies for the advertisement at the start. Damn you, Carmindy! Stay away from our zombies.)

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