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Invisibility Cloaks Coming Soon!

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Your fantasies of invisibility could happen soon.

According to New Scientist, Physicists at Cornell University and the University of California at Berkeley have both built optical-frequency cloaks, aka “invisibility cloaks.”

The cloaks are made of silicon and, when placed over an object, steer light around it, making the object appear flat from several directions.

The cloak only works on objects a few square micrometers deep—smaller than the size of a droplet of water. But, these obstacles could soon be overcome.

In an interview, New Scientist Thomas Zentgraf, a member of the Berkeley team, says that “in principle, you can make the [cloaked] object larger and larger.”

Zentgraf also says that “we are optimistic that we can do this [for any viewing angle] in a few years.”

Invisibility cloaks could have some practical benefits too, such as guiding waves around offshore structures, which could protect them from storm damage.

Designers in Japan have also been working on “invisibility cloaks” for years.

What would you do with an invisibility cloak? We would annoy people. And also rob a bank.

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2 Responses to “Invisibility Cloaks Coming Soon!”

  1. avatar Erica Sanderson says:

    If I had an invisibility cloak I would stalk Robert Pattinson. And sneak into Yankee games!

  2. avatar Nick McCrea says:

    I’d use the cloak to sneak into the Pentagon or Area 51, take a look a the records, check out the aliens, whatever…I’d then write an expose and become the envy of Woodward and Bernstein