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Iran Struggles To Decipher New Media

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Iran upped its ante in the propaganda war over a supposedly kidnapped Persian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri Tuesday when it posted a webcam video made by its captive atomic brainchild, the Islamic Republic claims.

Who was it that said that puns are the lowest form of comedy? He was wrong. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad jokes are the new low. They’re just too easy.

Does he really think a high-value hostage being held by the CIA in the U.S. would get unrestricted access to a computer with an Internet connection without some kind of super-secret spy supervision?

Even if the guy was smart enough to build a web-capable computer using his own bellybutton lint and the metal tray his rationed hot dogs were served on, what would drive him to make the extra effort to fashion a set of headphones with a built-in microphone?

The rest of the connected world apparently saw through the ploy and dropped a whole new bag of sanctions on Iran Wednesday.

Handshake is still waiting for the Islamic republic’s next video, in which the CIA forces the Iranian scientist to emote his daddy issues to Oprah while Tom Cruise plays the banjo.

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