Japan’s Prime Minister Resigns. Will His Robot Moon Colonization Plan Survive?

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Robots on the Moon

Handshake's rendering of the likely Japanese robot colonization plan

Japan is embarking on a $2.2 million venture to colonize the moon with humanoid robots, according to a recent Japanese government report (and a NY Daily News Story). Apparently, they’ll have a degree of autonomy, but not to the HAL 9000 or I, Robot level. Sleep sounder at night!

Shortly after news of the robot colonization plan broke, Japan’s Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, announced he would resign after eight months in office.

Hatomaya, whose wife Miyuki once took a ride to Venus on a UFO,  may be the latest victim of the anti-Robot militia, a secretive group that, according to its website:

“not only works to oppose the incorporation of Robots, AIs, and automatons into our world; it also stands for a comprehensive view of a simpler way of life. Its goals have not been chosen arbitrarily in reaction to current social or economic problems; instead they follow naturally from a consistent ideology.

ARM is a for profit, do-what-it-takes, human rights promotional organization. ARM works for and demands the god-given rights and special privileges that humans should enjoy with respect to the so called: sentient machines.”

Editor’s note: Handshake does not approve of any anti-robot activities.

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