Jason Schwartzman is really into the New Yorker for iPad App

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“A new day is dawning,” indeed.  

This short clip, directed by Roman Coppola, stars the oh-so-charming Jason Schwartzman (of Rushmore and Bored to Death fame) demonstrating all of the bells and whistles of the New Yorker‘s new app for the iPad.  

This seems something of a step forward for the venerated New Yorker, as they simultaneously utilize a new technology and partner with trendy, creative “young people.”  So then, sort of a double grab for a new, younger readership?  Apparently, the New Yorker‘s marketing team has never been to Williamsburg, where every Humberto and Poppy on the L train has a copy of the magazine stowed in their tote bag.

But in all seriousness, this video is fresh and funny, and illustrates one of the (only) good things about the decline of printed media: namely, that devices like the iPad and the Kindle will allow for the continued publication of storied magazines such as the New Yorker, with only small differences between electronic and printed versions.  And what’s more, those differences seem to be growing smaller every day.  The video also showcases Schwartzman’s painted fingernails, his songwriting craft (when can I download “Cartoon Galaxy” from iTunes?), and his penchant for drinking in the morning.

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