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JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot to tackle good robot Boilerplate

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JJ Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, has picked up the film rights to “Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel,” a novel of sorts about a Victorian Era robot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, the husband and wife duo that created Boilerplate, originally planned to create a series of graphic novels, but ultimately settled on a kind of historical fiction coffee table book, a faux-work of young adult history that chronicles the adventures of Boilerplate from the turn of the century to the end of the first World War. The book featured deliciously photoshopped images of Boilerplate alongside Theodore Roosevelt on San Juan hill (“Boilerplate’s first combat mission”), fighting with Lawrence of Arabia, and charging from the trenches in World War One.

Now the lost Boilerplate narrative will return, albeit in movie form. Deborah Newmyer (“The Ugly Truth”) brought the project to Bad Robot, and will serve as its producer.

I have a feeling the wonderful video on the official Boilerplate website may have played a large role in inspiring Mr. Abrams.

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One Response to “JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot to tackle good robot Boilerplate”

  1. avatar TM says:

    Oh Abrams. Will you ever make something I don’t want to see?