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Job Hunting Tip #1: Change Eye Color And Face Shape

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If you’re having a hard time being taken seriously in those job interviews, the solution is simple: change your face shape and eye color.

A recent study by researchers at Charles University in the Czech Republic found that study participants found white men with brown eyes more dominant (and probably more hirable) than white men with blue eyes.

During the study, researchers altered the color of the mens’ eyes in the photographs and then surveyed participants again. The men originally with brown eyes were again rated as more “dominant.”

The researchers’ conclusion:

Children could be treated differently based on their eye color. For example, young children with blue eyes are often treated as a small child for longer periods than brown-eyed children—influencing them to act and look more submissive.

Brown-eyed males tend to have more square jaws, thicker eyebrows, and broader cheekbones—traits associated with dominance.

Blue eyes are often more associated with a round face, large eyes, smaller noses, and high eyebrows—traits seen as more submissive.

Eye color did not make a difference in the perception of dominance of women or attractiveness for either gender.

Longer and larger studies need to be conducted before parents should rush to genetically alter their childrens’ eye color before birth.

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One Response to “Job Hunting Tip #1: Change Eye Color And Face Shape”

  1. avatar Erica Sanderson says:

    This is a fascinating study. I could see how men with blue eyes, which are lighter and supposedly less threatening, could be seen as “pretty boys” or something and not as dominant.