Judge Judy Makes Us Drool

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“You’re a moron!”

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

“On your best day, you will never be as smart as I am on my worst day.”

What other TV court judge offers this much excitement? Judge Judith Scheindlin, known best by her TV nickname Judge Judy, knows how to bring the drama—and laughs—to every weekday trial over which she presides. The older she gets, the crasser her remarks, and the bigger the fan base of young people she seems to pull in. This aging relic of justice now has a greater cult following than any TV judge.

Ms. Scheindlin has 566 page results when searched on Facebook, various profile pages avid fans put together for her, numerous fan-created YouTube channels, like judgejudytv, judgejudgy, among many others, and all sorts of fan-designed merchandise. But what’s most surprising is all the young men who quote her and express adoring sentiments on Facebook. Why is her crazy cult following so young and male?

One 18-year-old, who goes by alias Strongsad38001 (his YouTube account), religiously worships Judge Judy and pays homage to her through his weekly “This Week on Judge Judy” videos—compilations of Scheindlin’s most ruthless moments.

He started his compilations in September 2008, when his addiction to her show took hold of him. “I own two of her books,” he says. “She’s written five, but one is a children’s book, one is a relationship book, and the other is a book for women. As for apparel, I only have a T-shirt my sister painted for me. There are no official Judge Judy clothing items as far as I know. And of course, I have her two DVDs.”

But what is it about a cranky older female judge that young men suddenly find so appealing? Strongsad puts it plain and simple: she’s an entertaining, down-to-earth “East-Coast celebrity,” and it’s impossible not to catch her late-afternoon show as you flip through the channels after work or classes.

“I guess the main reason is her eccentricity,” Strongsad says. “There are other courtroom TV shows out there, but their judges are barely alive, or they’re ‘5’8” and gorgeous’ as Judge Judy would say. Judge Judy is a badass old Jewish woman who goes on a rampage every day. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?”

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One Response to “Judge Judy Makes Us Drool”

  1. Who knew?! She is a cute lady.