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Latest Supernatural episode spills the beans on WTF is up with Sam Winchester

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The episode “You Can’t Handle the Truth” aka “The episode where we learn WTF is up with Sam” finally reveals the main plot tension so far this season. The result is yet another intriguing installment in this undead series about hunting the undead.

(Spoilers ahead)

The episode begins with Dean arguing with Bobby about whether Sam is actually Sam or not. At one point he even threatens to kill Sam if he finds a shred of evidence that he’s not. Wow, harsh, but we can see the root his frustration. Dean is desperate to figure out WTF is going on that Sam’s not telling him. Cue the monster of the week. The Roman goddess of truth, Veritas, has descended on a small Illinois town and is driving teenagers to commit suicide when people they know start pummeling them with harsh truths about them. The Winchester brothers first think it’s a horn, but Cas suddenly shows up to dispel that line of investigation only to then disappear just as suddenly, as he often does, but not before getting an earful about how Sam’s not himself and promising to help Dean find out what’s wrong with him.

Dean chooses to use the town’s curse to question Sam about not interceding in the whole vampire business, but he says point blank that he froze out of fear. Dean doesn’t know how to read this information and neither do the viewers because we all saw Sam smirking while Dean was being turned into a vamp. So we move on to the hunt. After some more investigating and research, Sam and Dean find out the Veritas goddess is indirectly killing people so she can then devour their corpses. They track down who it is according to lore that states she’s usually a public figure that preaches about telling the truth. What kind of person does that? A broadcast journalist, of course! After reviewing tape after tape of a local news personality while Dean stuffs his face with a pizza, then a hamburger, then a sandwich, then a pizza again, Sam finally finds a slight yellow tinge in her eyes that indicate she is not human.

They go to the reporter’s house, where she knocks them on their asses and force them to tell the truth. This exercise works on Dean, who confesses to considering ways to kill Sam in his sleep. When her powers don’t work on Sam, Veritas freaks out and yells that Sam isn’t human. This distraction gives Dean enough time to break free and jab her with a knife covered in dog’s blood, a combination of items that’s just random enough to be her only weakness.

The episode ends as Dean punches the shit out of Sam for, lying to him, not being human, etc.

This episode of Supernatural missed a great opportunity to cash in on the show’s Halloween-y vibe with another seasonal filler. But up until now, season 6 had a major flaw that needed to be addressed a long ago: Sam, one half of the crazy brotherhood dynamic that keeps the show going simply wasn’t acting like himself. The writers wanted a slow trickle about his uncharacteristic lack of empathy, but fans knew something was seriously wrong with Sam from the very first episode. Sam was a good researcher, which is what made him the good intellectual/humanist hunter, but now he’s relentless, and probably the best hunter because he doesn’t care whose life he puts at risk. In this episode he willingly confesses that he can’t feel any more, and that not having emotions has made him stronger.

Cas stressed again that the angels have nothing to do with Sam’s situation, after all they have their own post-no-apocalypse civil war going up in heaven. We know also from next episode’s preview that the theory I relayed from the fan stratosphere was right! Sam doesn’t have a soul. I guess the show’s implicit argument here is that the soul imbues decisions and actions with emotion, and not having it keeps people from being human, as Veritas pointed out in this episode.

I have no idea where the story’s going, but the fact that souls are such hot commodities for personal power in both heaven and hell makes me really curious how they will incorporate Sam’s soullessness into the mix. I just hope the monsters don’t hijack the story and make the story about Sam being some kind of perfect vessel for whatever contrived monster cause the writers seem to be pushing. That kind of twist would only mire the show into the predictable mess it looked like it was heading into in the first two episodes of the season.

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