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Len Peralta’s Geek A Week

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“52 geeks. 52 weeks. One challenge.”

That’s been artist Len Peralta’s mantra since March when he started his odyssey, now in its 14th week. His mission is to interview one influential geek every week for a year, then chronicle these conversations with a trading card featuring each geek.

“The trading card is really a great vehicle because, as you know, geeks are really into collecting things,” Peralta says. “The card is kind of like proof that I was able to connect with that person in some kind of meaningful way.”

For Peralta, this collection has become “the ultimate networking project.”

Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo, a friend of Peralta’s from the comedy music duo Paul and Storm, writes the blurbs on the back of the cards.

“It’s sort of part of a larger thing that’s happening, where it’s really like there’s a very large nerd and geek ‘rat pack’ that’s forming,” Storm says. “This project is one of the ways that’s coming out.”

Peralta posts his interviews as podcasts, draws an illustration of that week’s geek, and writes an entry about the interview. In the end, it all goes up on www.geekaweek.net.

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One Response to “Len Peralta’s Geek A Week”

  1. avatar Erica Sanderson says:

    Wicked cool!