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Len Peralta’s Geek A Week

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When he sits down to draw the subject of that week’s card, Peralta tries to bring in inspiration from somewhere else in geek culture as a way of “bringing that other level of geekiness into the card.”

He says he was especially happy with Morgan Webb’s card. “If you do a search for ‘Morgan Webb,’ all you come up with are bikini shots of her. What I really like is the fact that I was able to editorialize and do something that has not been done for her before, which is make her into a badass Little Sister from Bioshock.”

Having sent countless emails, Peralta says the hard work has paid off and he has cards lined up through October. But some elusive geeks are giving him a bit more trouble, such as Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux.

“But try getting in touch with Linus Torvalds. I send an email and ‘boop,’ it comes back. I’d love to have him be a part of it, so if anybody knows Linus Torvalds, then give me a ring!”

Peralta didn’t want to reveal any future geeks because he wanted to keep the element of surprise, but he did give a hint about week 15’s subject.

“He’s a P.C.” Ready…set…post speculations!

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One Response to “Len Peralta’s Geek A Week”

  1. avatar Erica Sanderson says:

    Wicked cool!