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Life on Titan? The Twitterverse responds

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Yesterday NASA made a surprise announcement that it would hold a press conference “to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

As expected, the might of the entire Twitterverse set upon unraveling this mystery. Below we collect and interpret the best 140 characters had to offer.

@dkljad has a question!!!

@JacqValencia’s internal monologues rival those of Hamlet

@russguill is lonely.

One time when @orion549 was a child, a creationist stole his cheeseburger.

@Fenmere first wrote this joke on the back of a David Brin book 20 years ago.

@jesshface is far too reasonable for the Internet.

@eneve knows how to get things done.

@ale_moe eats kittens for breakfast.

@freeblankets brings literary representation to vomit.

@sashasegan says this every day.

@Bengbeng1 has a lot to say about Titan.

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