Man travels through time, hangs out with 60-year-old self

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This video is 2 years old, and we still haven’t had a follow-up on whether or not Håkan Nordkvist has a working time portal under his sink. Look at the grainy cellphone video — how much more proof do people want? Because if I traveled through time and met myself from the future I wouldn’t ask any questions that could help me. I’d just play a game of catch, shoot some video, and then crawl back through my time portal. Which is under the sink. In my kitchen.

Is it a hoax? Of course it is. But it’s a pretty decent hoax at that. Turns out it’s viral marketing advertisement for a Swedish pension firm. The most interesting thing about the hoax is that this Super Mario-themed, plumbing-based time travel scenario was take fairly seriously on the intertubes. There’s another video that explains the whole situation over at Metacafe.

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