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Mark Gasson Talks to Handshake Magazine

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Handshake recently talked to Dr. Mark Gasson. You might remember him: he was the first human to be infected with a computer virus.

Here’s what Gasson had to say about his groundbreaking experiment:

“I think that many people overlook the fact that actually having something implanted is extremely different to bench-testing a piece of hardware because it adds the person and their experiences into the mix.”

The virus did more than just affect Gasson’s cell phone and the doors at the University of Reading. It also had a more personal affect:

From my experience, although we were in control of the experiment, having a piece of technology inside the body which was not performing as it was supposed to, in fact could cause damage to external systems, and over which I potentially had limited control – i.e. its not like I could take it out and leave it on the desk, was surprisingly personal.”

Read more about the cutting edge ideas, technology, and research behind bionics in the next issue of Handshake magazine.

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