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MEDEA’s social media vodka

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Matt Sandy wants to be the Mark Zuckerberg of bottle making.

Working with his colleagues at MEDEA, he’s developed a series of vodka bottles with programmable LED message displays.

Why would you want a flashing message on a bottle?

In the above video Sandy, who is basically an awkward suit with a greased mullet on top, explains his vision. His “passion” is to let vodka drinkers of the future “communicate from a bottle to bottle.”

Makes sense. I have frequently, while drunk, tried to communicate with my friends, who were also drunk, using glass bottles. These efforts included: scratching on my friend’s bottles, smashing my bottle into theirs, rubbing the bottles together while thinking hard, and so on. None of these worked. The critical stage of direct bottle-to-bottle communication was never achieved.

As Matt Sandy says, the bottle’s trip to South Carolina a “beautiful story” that, to loosely paraphrase, goes something like this: So there was some guy who liked it and he bought it and distributed it in South Carolina.

Anyway, apparently, the bottle is not only a joy to watch, it’s also a joy to operate, as Charlie Sorrel at Wired’s Gadget Labs recently discovered:

Here’s where you expect me to point out the flaws, and you will not be disappointed. I give you exhibit A, the programming instructions. As you read, remember that these steps need to be carried out whilst intoxicated:

Step 1: Press the ON/OFF button

Step 2: Press the ENTER button to enter programming mode

Step 3: Press the P-U (UP) to select line (1-6) to save message in

Step 4: Press ENTER to confirm the line where the message will appear

Step 5: Press the P-U and P-D buttons to find the first character of your message, and press ENTER to save after each character selection. Note: space can be found after the letter Z.

Step 6: To finish, after you have selected the last character, wait until you see a blinking “A”, then press the ON/OFF to save the entire message.

You’re all set! Your message will now begin to scroll on the ticker.

Note: Do not leave the display on in the programming mode. Press either the P-U (DOWN) or the ON/OFF button to exit the programming mode.

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2 Responses to “MEDEA’s social media vodka”

  1. avatar Joe says:

    Simplified Programming Guide

    Present Medea Vodka for the first time to a friend by programming their name. For example, to program “Kevin”, press the On/Off button (top left) to turn the screen on. Press the Enter button (bottom left). A blinking number will appear (showing which line to assign the message to). Press Enter again. Keep pressing the Down button (bottom right) until you scroll up the alphabet to K, and press Enter to store K. Repeat same to scroll to E, press Enter. Repeat same for V, I and N. Finally, press On/Off to save “Kevin” which will begin scrolling on the screen.

    It’s an http://www.etro.it/ suit.

  2. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    Creepy spambot. Creepy.