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Meet The Not-Gary J Buseys Behind @GaryJBusey (2/2)

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H: Does Busey know about the Twitter account? Have you ever met him?
If I met him, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t bring it up. If he knows about it, I doubt he’s happy about it.
I don’t think he knows about it. I wouldn’t bring up the account in front of him out of the fear of having my endocrine system ripped out.
BK: I don’t know. Actually recently a flame war was started between “Gary” and Khloe Kashardian, who is his step-niece. I thought for sure she’d get pissed and let him know about it and we’d get a sternly worded letter about not making so many Mexican jokes or whatever. But we never did, so I guess maybe she’s not as close to her stepdad’s relatives as I thought. Or Gary just doesn’t care.Honestly, speaking for myself, I really like the guy and hope he wouldn’t think we’re not fans or we’re trying to belittle or make fun of him. Most of the time the jokes that are actually “about” him make him look outrageous, but I think it comes from a place of love. Or at least extreme like. I honestly don’t think anyone with a brain thinks it’s “actually” Gary, especially those that have followed the twitter for a long time. Nowadays the tweets are 40 percent jokes about things Gary is doing, 60 percent just jokes. Maybe 30/70. Or 40/80, I’m not good with fractions.
Donkey: I have no idea how he’d react to finding out he’s so popular on Twitter and I try not to think about it. I don’t want the worry that he’ll find out and be extremely (and justifiably) upset and will get the page killed. One of the funnier guys in the group (who does a lot with @shirtlesstatum and @notjaycutler) had a Twitter page shut down when the celebrity he was mocking got wind of it. The worst part is that the celebrity tried copying the same joke style this guy was writing for a little bit and was just absolutely horrible at it. It was pretty painful.

H: More than 50,000 people combined follow @El_Danny_Trejo, @Mickey_Rourke, @NotJayCutler, @ShirtlessTatum and @Nick_Nolte. Are any of you responsible for their hilarity? Who will be the next star?
Jacktion!: I also write @PattisonRobert, a Robert Patterson parody. I’m aware it’s spelled wrong; it’s part of the joke. It’s kind of an experiment to see if Twilight fans will choose to believe that the account is real, despite all evidence to the contrary. Spoiler alert: They do. Writing it is very different than writing for Busey, because I mostly just respond to what people write to me. For a more complete list of our “other stars,” look at the “best friends” list on the Busey page, it’s a list of all the fake celebrity Twitters written by one of us or one of our friends. The “good friends” list is made up of other projects that we’re involved with.
Pauly: I account for half of @NotJayCutler. The @El_Danny_Trejo account is all me. I have a page on Facebook called “Ask Pauly Casillas” where all of life’s stupid questions go to die.
BK: Vince from FilmDrunk writes @Nick_Nolte. He was the first one of us to have a fake account. Major Burnsy used to have a Ryan Gosling Twitter that I loved, but Ryan Gosling got it taken down. This is around the same time we started changing our user names to either say “NOT” or, in Vince’s case, it’s Nick Nolte’s MUGSHOT, not Nick Nolte. Another “Filmdrunkard” writes the Mickey Rourke Twitter, which is the most recent and it got pretty popular right away. I don’t plan on starting any fake celebrity Twitters other than the Gary one.

H: Does your gender make a difference when you Tweet as a (deranged) man?
Jacktion!: I’m a male, and it does make a difference in my tweets. It makes them funny…I keed, I keed.
Pauly: I’m male, and it does make a difference because I’d hate to have a female with better dick jokes than me.

H: What can the good people on Twitter expect from Busey in the future?
Jacktion!: I’m not sure, but I know it involves the most offensive jokes that we can come up with.

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  1. avatar BK says:

    So you’re not gonna fix my typo, eh? Eh. Karwhattian.

  2. avatar Pauly says:

    Typos make you who you’re, BK.