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Meet The Not-Gary J. Buseys Behind @GaryJBusey (1/2)

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This is part one of a two-part series.

He calls himself the “patron saint of headbutts.” He loves sex, hates Nickelback, and enjoys sipping cervézas with @El_Danny_Trejo.

His name is @GaryJBusey and his Twitter account isn’t verified.

@GaryJBusey was started in 2009 by four commenters on the movie blog FilmDrunk. A love for crude humor brought the “Filmdrunkards” together, says contributor Paul Casillas. Since then, @GaryJBusey has become a Twitter phenomenon. Busey has more than 74,000 followers. Last year, PC World named “him” the sixth funniest person on Twitter.

The four Busey masterminds have never met in person. Although they each tweet from different states, their tweets are universally hilarious. The Filmdrunkards go by BK (the lone female), Donkey Hodey, Paul Casillas, and Jacktion! They recently agreed to an exclusive email interview with Handshake. Except for Casillas, the contributors only agreed to be interviewed under their Internet handles (they are impersonating Gary J. Busey, after all).

Gird your loins.

Handshake: When was @GaryJBusey created?
Jacktion!: We all met while commenting on a movie blog called Filmdrunk. On a post about Gary Busey, we started coming up with Gary Busey Facts, and we wound up making Busey 101, a website to put them on. At some point we came up with the idea of making a Gary Busey Twitter to promote the site. The Twitter eventually became the focus, rather than the Busey facts.
BK: The “Gary Busey Facts” were written sort of like Chuck Norris “Facts,” only instead of bad-assery, it was facts that make Gary look as batshit crazy as possible. The more surreal ones always made me laugh.

H: What is your current level of involvement with @GaryJBusey?
: You know, it really depends on the week. I’m not nearly as involved as I used to be, but I have my good and bad weeks.
: It’s safe to say I’m logged in 24/7. Checking the @replies, and who’s following us. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, more than I’d like to admit.
I tweet once in a blue moon. I think my last tweet was about boobs, because I was promoting my cancer research run. That was disappointing because people retweeted the joke but not the link to the donation page. Before that it was probably a midget tweet, if I remember right. I have a Twitter for my main website that is also a group Twitter and my jokes were often ignored there, probably because the Busey crowd and the geek comic book crowd are different. I find it hard to write specifically in Gary’s voice, I guess. And most of the time I usually have to have encouragement from Pauly, Jack, Donkey Hodey to post a joke of mine.

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  1. avatar Anthony says:

    This feed is funny, but my favorite parody feed is @TheBillWalton