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Michael Jordan On Cover Of NBA 2K11? [Updated]

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Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the last 25 years, you’re familiar with Michael Jordan and his basketball legacy.

The Chicago Bulls legend and NBA Hall of Fame inductee has six NBA championships, five MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals. Jordan, though, has never received one of the greatest honors in geekdom. He’s never been featured on the cover of a single video game.

Now, that’s all set to change, according to Estee Portnoy, his business manager.

Jason Argent, the vice president of 2K Games, didn’t say if Jordan would be in the game as a player, but did say he had some creative input and he’d be incorporated somehow in the game.

Regardless, in a statement Jordan says, “I have no doubt that NBA 2K11 will be a big hit with gamers and basketball fans alike.”

The game is scheduled for release on October 5 for PC and all game consoles.


Our source for this story, a Yahoo! Sports article, “Finally, Michael Jordan will be on the cover of a video game” is partially wrong. Intrepid Handshake reporter Kyle C. Leach disputes the article’s implication that Jordan had never been on the cover of a video game.

Old-timer geeks like Leach remember hooking up the Nintendo system for Jordan Vs. Bird One on One, the sequel to the first version (Dr. J Vs. Bird).

It was hard to choose which character to play with: take Boston Celtic legend Larry Bird and live-or-die with deep jump shots, or select Chicago Bulls upstart Michael Jordan for the bullet first-step and array of dunks. Leach went all Jordan on some fools, using two-pointers and banshee yells following dunk after dunk.

Hell, the same video game developer, Electronic Arts, published a game, Michael Jordan in Flight, for PC in 1993. Jordan is firmly on the cover of that one, too.

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