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Micromet’s New Cancer Treatment Kills Chemo

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The battle against cancer finds a new weapon that may revolutionize treatment of the nightmare disease.

Micromet Inc., a 17-year-old biotechnology company has created a method to fight cancer without the use of toxic chemicals.

Their technology unleashes T-cells, the Spartan elite of our immune system, to combat malignancies within the body. The drug, blinatumomab, is nothing more than a jacked up antibody.

The roided out protein accomplishes two functions. One end seeks out the warrior cells, the other grabs on to certain kinds of cancer cells in preparation for their inevitable destruction.

“We’re leveraging the most potent arm of the patient’s immune system and directing it onto the tumor,” said Micromet’s chief executive officer Christian Itin in an interview with Bloomberg.

Micromet’s groundbreaking treatment led to remission in nearly four out of five patients during their trial phase.

They expect the drug to be released for public use in 2012, and anticipate a monumental $1 billion in sales within five years.

Cancer treatment without chemo. We can only hope.

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