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Mysteries of the Unknown takes over my morning news feed

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Anyone else read Mysteries of the Unknown when you were a kid?

The series was basically a compendium of every plot device ever used by the X-files. Except without the stupid conspiracy-theory gunk of a subplot. I’m not sure my family had the whole series — probably just eight or nine books — but, man, as an ten-year-old I devoured the books we did have.

Anyway, two Mysteries of the Unknown-type things stuck out in my newsfeed this morning. One, from Pink Tentacle, is a video of a mysterious deep sea creature (jump to 1:44):

The weirdness continued with multiple reports of UFOS flying over New York City:

Unfortunately, I’m almost a hundred percent certain that the first vid is fake. It’s probably some obnoxious viral video. They’ll release another one where a close up of the creature reveals a giant Coca-Cola logo or something like that.

As for the UFOs, police say they’re most likely some kind of balloon. I hope that’s the case. Because otherwise those are some pretty shitty looking alien spaceships.

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