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Need WiFi? Top Five Spots For Free Internet

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Times are hard and some of us can’t afford to pay for a WiFi connection. One strategy: seek the parking lots of chain restaurants.

Below, Handshake lists the top spots for surreptitious WiFi usage.

Starbucks– Starbucks recently announced that they’ll offer free WiFi at every store across the country. Grab that frappuccino.

McDonalds– “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” Hopefully not. Anyway, Ray Croc’s masterpiece offers WiFi. Nice.

Panera Bread– Panera Bread is widely known for its not-bad-for-a-chain-restaurant soups and sandwiches. Their free WiFi isn’t bad either.

Denny’s– Denny’s is another good place for some free Internet—but watch out. The breakfast chain’s food may come in huge, greasy portions, but its WiFi is limited.

Wendy’s– The free internet doesn’t appear on the value menu, but it’s there.

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One Response to “Need WiFi? Top Five Spots For Free Internet”

  1. avatar Michelle Bernard says:

    Panera’s Wifi connection has saved me many times when my connection died at home.